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Gear Box Mountings E36/Z3  
These cotton reel rubber mountings soften over time and cause the the gearbox to list to one side. Replacement of them rectifies this problem.
from 6.13  
Service Tool  
This tool allows you to cancel both oil and inspection lamps during service intervals.
from 26.40  
Mirror Motor E36  
This motor which supports the glass is rather fragile and normally shatters on impact.
from 24.00  
Cross Drilled E36  
Also from Zimmermann, these discs are suitable for norman road and light track use. They are cross drilled to improve braking efficiency.
from 72.00  
Oxygen Lambda Sensor  
Wecan supply the full range of 0xygen sensors for the range.
from 66.00  
Timing Chain M3  
C3 stock a full range of parts for the chain replacement on the 3.0 and 3.2 engines.
from 18.96  
Touring M3 Style  
M3 style clear lamp kit for the touring. Kit includes front indicators, side repeaters and rear clusters(red/ clear). All bulbs and holders supllied.
from 9.00  
Chrome Gear Surround E36  
C3 can offer these polished chrome surrounds for the E36 range. Supllied with allen key fixings, they are a simple but effective addition to your interior.
from 28.80  
Fuel Filter E36  
Fuel filter for Inspection II maintenance.
from 10.80  
Fuel Filter E36  
Fuel filter for Inspection II maintenance.
from 10.80  
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