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Service Tool  
This tool allows you to cancel both oil and inspection lamps during service intervals.
from £26.40  
Tie Rods  
From the original manufacturer “LMI”, these tie rods suffer excessive wear on the ball/knuckle joints and will need replacing.
from £4.80  
EVO III Rear Spoiler  
Unique to the “EVO” models, this spoiler has an extra plane as an integral part of the spoiler.
from £1,368.00  
Ignition Lead Set  
Consists of high tension lead set, including coil lead and dust cap, housed in the heat resistant tubing.
from £76.80  
Side Repeater Kit  
These factory spec amber units are complete with all wiring, so can be used for imported cars. (priced as a pair and includes wiring)
from £28.80  
Bumper Tape Kits  
Available in red or black, for front and rear bumpers. Suitable for all E30 M3's.
from £25.54  
Trailing Arm Bush Kit/ Diff Mount  
Further poly upgrades for the rear trailing arms. Available in standard or eccentric.
from £28.98  
Apex Lowering Spring Kits  
These lowering kits from Apex are progressive in nature so they don't simply lower the car visually. They stiffen under load, particularly when the car is driven under extreme conditions. For M Tek models you s .. [more]
from £100.80  
Brake Pad Sensors E30  
Wear indicators for front and rear pads.
from £3.00  
Fuel Relay  
4 pin relay(normally orange in colour ) Failure of this relay often causes vehicle to cut out and difficulty in re-starting until engine cools.
from £12.00  
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