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Stabilizer Links E39  
Stabilizer links tend to creak/click when worn.
from 16.20  
Oil Filters (E39)  
C3 will only supply you original equipment for your filter requirements. It is essential that you use the best filters to maximise engine performance and reduce fuel consumption. You will see that the prices a .. [more]
from 5.10  
Idle Valve E39  
A faulty valve often causes a pulsing erratic idle.
from 102.00  
Mirror Cover E39  
This cover is supplied primed and unpainted.
from 21.60  
Radiator E39 (BEHR)  
Our radiators conform to the highest qualities available. Made by Behr (oem)
from 129.60  
Fast Road Pads E39  
These fast road pads from Pagid feature higher friction materials which ensure a higher temperature pad performance, without pedal fade or brake squeal.
from 45.60  
Eibach Spring Kits (Prokit)  
Eibach's prokit will lower the car's centre of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-diving under braking.
from 150.00  
Coolant (1.5 ltr)  
Replacement of anti-freeze during any maintenance of the coolant system is advisable.
from 7.80  
Matt Chrome/Leather  
Titanium and half leather knob with the M tek badge centred in the shifter pattern - Push fit. Available in 5 or 6 speed.
from 57.60  
Water Pump Pulley  
We offer these pulleys from stock.
from 17.40  
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