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EVO III Rear Spoiler  
Unique to the “EVO” models, this spoiler has an extra plane as an integral part of the spoiler.
from £1,368.00  
Tie Rods  
From the original manufacturer “LMI”, these tie rods suffer excessive wear on the ball/knuckle joints and will need replacing.
from £4.80  
Rear Beam Suspension Mountings  
Prevent excessive lateral movement from your rear end with these poly bushes. Supplied with stainless steel inserts, which enables the bush to be fitted and greased insert to be inserted afterwards. This avoi .. [more]
from £78.28  
Fan Switch S14  
There are two types of fan switch on the E30 M3. For cars manufactured up to ’87, it is located in the radiator. For later cars, the switch screws directly into the thermostat.
from £12.00  
Cross Drilled Discs  
A cross-drilled version is also available from “ZIMMERMANN”. We recommend these for normal road or light track use as they improve braking efficiency.(Priced as a pair)
from £72.00  
Tensioner Pads S14  
These pads are linked to chain and sprocket wear. Check pad surface for wear.
from £156.00  
Fuel Hose S14  
Sold in metre lengths with an internal diameter of 7mm.
from £4.80  
Ignition Coil  
Ensure smooth engine running and good starting performance by replacing your old coil. Manufactured by “BOSCH”.
from £45.60  
Strut Mountings : Standard  
Front strut mountings include a bearing as an integral part.
from £9.60  
Powerflex Roll Bar Rubbers  
These polyurethane bushkits are a significant upgrade from the factory bushes.
from £35.90  
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