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Brake Discs E36  
Standard discs available for the complete range. Jurid are the manufacturer of these high quality replacements. (Priced as a pair)
from 36.00  
Leather (Knappa)  
We can offer you a full range of gear knobs to complement your car. The classic M Tek knob, trimmed in soft knappa leather ia available in 5 or 6 speed.
from 51.00  
GT Corner Splitters  
These 1/4 splitters were fitted to the GT limited edition 3.0 M3's but are suitable for all models with the M bumper and evo splitter. They locate on each side and give that extra extension for real presence. ( .. [more]
from 90.00  
Fuel Pump E36  
These pumps from VDO are complete with sensor.
from 102.00  
Mirror Body E36  
These mirror bodies consist of casing, motor and wiring. The glass and painted backing are supplied individually.
from 91.15  
H & R Roll Bar Kits  
In addition to the Sport range of spring kits, these roll bars enable you to fine tune the car's handling characteristics. They reduce body roll during fast changes of direction and impact the under/oversteer .. [more]
from 318.00  
Catalyst E36  
We are able to offer these catalysts from an aftermarket supplier. They represent a significant saving on the genuine item which are often very unrealistic in price. They are forged from mild steel and designed .. [more]
from 192.00  
Wind Deflector  
These wind deflectors stop the buffetting that occurs in the convertible models when driving with the roof down. They neatly clip into behind the seat belt holders and rest on the folding top compartment. Sup .. [more]
from 204.00  
Standard Top Mounts E36 and Z3  
Check the top mounts for excess play. They have an integral bearing.
from 9.60  
Ribbed V Belt  
We sell a comprehensive range of drive belts for the range. Please contact us if you don't see your model.
from 10.80  
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