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Driveshaft Coupling  
The propshaft is guided by a front rubber coupling and a centre bearing. When the fail you will experience a vibration through the car. It's worse in reverse.
from 26.40  
Indicator Switch  
These indicator switches are a common failure on most models. You tend to find the switch won't return to it's original positionwhen they fail.
from 76.80  
Belt Drive Water Pump/Alternator  
We sell a comprehesive range of tensioners, idler wheels and drive belts for the range. If you don't your listing please mail us and we will try to locate the correct one for you.
from 13.20  
Expansion Tank  
These expansion tanks are made by Behr or Meyle and are excellent quality.
from 24.00  
E38 Spark Plugs  
We use the original manufacturer NGK for the E38's plug set.
from 17.28  
E38 Spark Plugs  
We use the original manufacturer NGK for the E38's plug set.
from 17.28  
BMW Roundels  
Genuine BMW badges available for the bonnet and boot. These are the new 2011 style with a raised profile. For current stock availability please ring us..
from 24.00  
E38 Anti Roll Bar  
We can supply the drop limks and the rubbers for these roll bars. Common symptoms are squeaking and creaking from the front end.
from 9.60  
E38 Brake Discs  
Again we use Jurid as the supplier for our brake discs.
from 67.20  
Ribbed V Belt  
We sell a comprehensive range of drive belts for the range. Please contact us if you don't see your model.
from 10.80  
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