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Black Grill Kit  
We can now offer these grill kits for most of the range. They are have a satin black finish and are fitted in the same way as the originals. These allow you to dechrome the front, while creating a more understa .. [more]
from 36.00  
Matsets E39  
Our matsets are tailored perfectly to the E39 floorpan. They are also trimmed to the exact colour and have a woven edge to counter wear. They are supplied with factory clips to hold each mat securely to the flo .. [more]
from 50.40  
M Sport Bodykit  
C3 are able to offer these genuine M sport bodykits for the E39. These kits will enhance the natural bodyline and create a more muscular, purposeful road presence. All parts are available individually.
from 517.33  
Synthetic Oil  
Always use the best quality oils to ensure optimum performace from your engine. FILLING CAPACITIES: 4 cylinder models 316i 318i 318is 318ti require 5 litres. 6 cylinder models 320i 323i 325i 328i & M3 re .. [more]
from 20.40  
Water Pump E39  
We supply 2 qualities, either oem pumps from Kohle Schmidt or Meyle still German but a cheaper brand. Kolben Schmidt has a steel impeller, Meyle use an aluminium type..
from 33.60  
Engine Mountings E39  
These mountings tend to soften over time and cause the engine to sit forward.
from 33.60  
H & R Spring Kits  
H & R offer a range of springs for the BMW range. They offer progressive spring characteristics and enable you to change the ride height, while stiffening the suspension setup.
from 132.00  
Turbo Charger  
We source our turbos from the original manufacturer Garrett. They are supplied with all fixings and we offer the improved 150BHP modified type for the 320d.
from 918.00  
Bonnet & Boot Stays  
WE stock the full range of bonnet & boot stays for the BMW range. If you do not see your model listed please contact us directly.
from 12.00  
K&N Air Filter  
We can now offer these filters from K&N. They retain the factory air box so no modificationss are required. There primary functions are: 1.To maximise air flow 2.They have excellent filtering capabilities 3. .. [more]
from 54.00  
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