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K&N Air Filter  
We can now offer these filters from K&N. They retain the factory air box so no modificationss are required. There primary functions are: 1.To maximise air flow 2.They have excellent filtering capabilities 3. .. [more]
from 54.00  
Motor Electric Window E36  
These electric motors are a common failure and result in only partial closure of the windows.
from 57.80  
Kamei E36  
These eyebrow kits from "KAMEI" are on the shelf for all models. These are the upper ones and are shaped to include the indicator.
from 40.80  
Belt Drive Water Pump/Alternator  
We sell a comprehesive range of tensioners, idler wheels and drive belts for the range. If you don't your listing please mail us and we will try to locate the correct one for you.
from 13.20  
Rieger E36  
We can supply the full range of roof spoilers from "Rieger" a German styling company who offer a comprehensive range of spoilers for the E36 range.
from 66.00  
Actuator E36  
Actuators available for the central locking failure.
from 47.40  
Spark Plugs E36  
Improve fuel economy, ignition starting and reduce emissions by replacing your plugs with the O.E supplier NGK. Twin electrode as standard.
from 12.00  
Propshaft Centre Bearing E36/Z3  
Bearing is complete with carrier.
from 28.80  
Oil Filters E36  
Always use the best quality filters to maximise engine performance and reduce fuel consumption. These filters are sourced from Mahle/Knecht.
from 3.90  
Synthetic Oil  
Always use the best quality oils to ensure optimum performace from your engine. FILLING CAPACITIES: 4 cylinder models 316i 318i 318is 318ti require 5 litres. 6 cylinder models 320i 323i 325i 328i & M3 re .. [more]
from 20.40  
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