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Knappa Leather Non Illuminated  
The standard (golf tee) E30 M3 leather gear knob for the E30 M3 is no longer available. BMW now offer the oval shaped knob which is non illuminated and it fits the same way. (Pic 2)
from £43.20  
Rear suspension mountings  
These factory rubber mountings support the rear axle and cause excessive lateral movements when worn.
from £27.60  
Gear Knob : Suede  
Internally the “EVO SPORT” differs, in that it received a suede gear knob, handbrake grip and steering wheel.
from £142.20  
500ml. Concentrated fluid for the effective cleaning of windscreens and headlight lenses.
from £4.08  
Choke Switch S14  
This blue switch again screws into the water rail and symptoms can be erratic idling and an over fuelling problem.
from £13.80  
Big End Bearing Set  
BMW big end bearings available in standard and oversize.
from £33.60  
Engine Strut Brace  
We stock a comprehensive range of strut braces for all models. The fitment of front and rear braces will reduce body roll and their alloy finish is very pleasing on the eye.
from £120.00  
Gear Knob- One-piece S14  
One-piece gear knob and gaiter in black bison leather with dogleg shifter badge – non-illuminated.
from £156.00  
Temperature Guage Switch  
This brown switch screws into the water rail by the exhaust manifold and indicates water temperature on the gauge.
from £12.00  
Piston Ring Set (1 piston only)  
Consist of compression, face and oil control rings.
from £16.80  
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