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Rear suspension mountings  
These factory rubber mountings support the rear axle and cause excessive lateral movements when worn.
from £27.60  
Gear Knob : Suede  
Internally the “EVO SPORT” differs, in that it received a suede gear knob, handbrake grip and steering wheel.
from £142.20  
500ml. Concentrated fluid for the effective cleaning of windscreens and headlight lenses.
from £4.08  
Choke Switch S14  
This blue switch again screws into the water rail and symptoms can be erratic idling and an over fuelling problem.
from £13.80  
Big End Bearing Set  
BMW big end bearings available in standard and oversize.
from £33.60  
Engine Strut Brace  
We stock a comprehensive range of strut braces for all models. The fitment of front and rear braces will reduce body roll and their alloy finish is very pleasing on the eye.
from £120.00  
Gear Knob- One-piece S14  
One-piece gear knob and gaiter in black bison leather with dogleg shifter badge – non-illuminated.
from £156.00  
Temperature Guage Switch  
This brown switch screws into the water rail by the exhaust manifold and indicates water temperature on the gauge.
from £12.00  
Piston Ring Set (1 piston only)  
Consist of compression, face and oil control rings.
from £16.80  
Windscreen Washer Pump E30  
The Windscreen Washer is located on the side of the washer bottle and draws washer fluid from the reservoir to the jets.
from £6.60  
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