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Condensor E46  
These condensors are made by BEHR.
from 144.00  
Eibach Anti-roll bar kit E46  
These larger diameter roll bars allow you to refine your set up even further.
from 348.00  
Air Mass Meter  
A common failure with the BMW engines is the air mass meter. Symptons are usually intermittant and include fast idling and loss of power. These Bosch units are available for most models.
from 177.60  
Eibach Pro-Damper Kit E46  
The properties of driving dynamics depends significantly on the quality of the dampers. EIBACH's Pro-Damper range meets this criteria fully and are optimally tuned for each specific vehicle.
from 558.00  
Eibach Coil Over Kit E46 (Pro Street)  
These kits allow you to track day your car and provide you with the latest sportive edge. The technology used in these kits allows the driver to adjust the height of the vehicle and at the same time the perform .. [more]
from 828.00  
Lowering Kit (Boge) E46  
We are also able to offer these lowering kits from the original spring manufacturer "BOGE". These kits are both sportive and progressive, but at a very competitive price.
from 96.00  
E46 Armrest Kit  
These kits consist of armrest, centre console and fittings.They are trimmed in the factory "montana" leather and provide function and style at a realistic price. These genuine BMW kits are suitable for all E46 .. [more]
from 204.00  
Starter E46  
Starter motors available for the complete range. Please phone our sales team for further information.
from 132.00  
Rear Suspension Mounting E46/E36 PF  
This poly upgrade eliminates lateral movement from the rear end. Bush connects trailing arm to body and is just in front of the rear wheel.
from 62.28  
Wind Deflector E46  
For all convertible models we recommend these wind deflectors. This genuine BMW product has excellent functionality, protecting passengers from buffeting while driving with the roof down. It locks in behind the .. [more]
from 336.00  
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