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Wiper Blades (E46)  
Genuine BMW wipers guarantee a smear free windscreen. Sold in pairs.
from 15.00  
Eibach Adjustable Top Mount Kit  
These top mounts from Eibach will correct negative camber.
from 354.00  
Alternator E46  
C3 can supply these alternator for the E46 range. Either Hella or Valeo quality....
from 144.00  
Ignition Coil E46  
Ignition coils are available as a kit or individually. They are manufactured by either O.E supplier Bosch or Bremi. If you have any doubts on which one you need please give us a call.
from 26.40  
Water Valve E46  
A faulty valve can result in a cold or lukewarm cabin temperature.This unit is electrically operated and water controlled.
from 52.80  
Strut Mounting E46  
Front and rear strut mountings available from stock.
from 9.60  
Air Mass Meter  
A common failure with the BMW engines is the air mass meter. Symptons are usually intermittant and include fast idling and loss of power. These Bosch units are available for most models.
from 177.60  
Calipers (E46)  
A complete range of calipers for the E46 are readily available. Please phone for more information.
from 69.60  
Condensor E46  
These condensors are made by BEHR.
from 144.00  
Eibach Anti-roll bar kit E46  
These larger diameter roll bars allow you to refine your set up even further.
from 348.00  
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