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Sump Gasket E36  
Individual gasket also available.
from 8.34  
Angel Eyes E36  
Featuring a chrome reflector, this angel eye upgrade from Hella transforms your headlamp system, creating a modern face and white light
from 276.00  
Wipers E36  
Bosch Super Plus wipers are supplied throughout the E36 range. These ensure exceptional all-weather performance and extended life. No juddering or screeching as per cheaper non original brands.
from 15.00  
Handbrake Shoes E36  
Inspection of the parking shoes should be inspected during replacement of the rear discs.
from 19.20  
Rear Silencers E36  
We can offer these performance enhancing silencers from Remus. They have more than three decades of experience in motorsport and their workmanship is guaranteed by a 36 month warranty.
from 330.00  
Radiator Cap E36/Z3  
We recommend you change the cap with radiator. Along with the thermostat, the pressure cap is the first place to start with any overheating issues. The seals commonly perish on these caps, causing water loss.
from 8.40  
Eibach Spring Kit E36  
This kit provides a progressively firmer spring characteristic and increased spring compression. 30 mm lowering from standard set up.
from 168.00  
Clutch Hose Upgrade E36/Z3  
The E36 and Z3 do suffer from a clutch problem where the standard hose collapses and prevents you from selecting gears smoothly. On the standard rubber factory part the inner line collapses and by replacing it .. [more]
from 45.60  
Auxillary Drive Belt E36/Z3  
While replacing the water pump, both poly belts should be inspected for cracks/splits.
from 10.80  
E36 Gaiter (Leather)  
Genuine BMW gaiter trimmed in soft knappa leather. (Compact is different)
from 43.20  
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