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Coolant Sensor  
This sensor indicates a low coolant level or most likely a faulty sensor.
from 14.40  
Rear Diff Mount  
This is an uprated version, with a harder rubber compound and will eradicate excessive diff movement. Original mounts suffer from splits in the rubber and this version is a direct replacement.
from 28.80  
Eibach Anti-roll bar kit  
These larger diameter roll bars allow you to refine the setup even further. (Front 20 mm Rear 16mm). They have the following unique properties:
from 297.05  
Clutch Cylinder  
Located on the side of the transmission housing.When this hydraulic cylinder fails, it causes a hard pedal and loss of fluid.
from 21.60  
Lower Wishbone Bush Kit  
Supplied as a pair, these solid offset bushesoften suffer stress fractures and their replacement will maximise tyre life and optimise braking stability. These bushes are complete with stainless steel sleeves an .. [more]
from 46.00  
Guerney Flap  
This guerney flap made of carbon fibre is a direct replacement for OEM part. Again it needs to be seen to appreciate the quality.
from 216.00  
Air Flow Meter Hose  
We can supply the air bellows fro the S14 engine. Check for cracks/splits and replace accordingly.
from 36.00  
Finned Diff Kit S14  
This upgrade will increase the life expectancy of your differential.The finned design allows air to be channelled around the base of the cover, lowering the fluid temperature. Complete with gasket and bolt kit .. [more]
from 300.00  
Viscous Coupling E36/Z3  
A common failure on the E36 and symptons include rising engine temperature and overheating problems.
from 52.80  
Gear Box Mountings  
These mountings are under most load during hard acceleration.They soften and collapse and should be replaced quickly.
from 7.20  
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