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Wheel Bearings  
Complete front hub assembly and rear bearings by the original manufacturer. Made by Meyle...
from 24.00  
Eibach Spring Kit  
This "Pro Kit" provides a progressively firmer spring characteristic and increased spring compression- 30mm lowering from standard set up on E30 325i and 15-20mm on E30 M3.
from 170.40  
Inlet Blocks  
We supply the EVO III, with the larger ports, as a direct replacement for the standard blocks. They tend to crack across the ports, resulting in an idling problem.
from 240.00  
Air Flow Meter S14  
Bosch replacements available for faulty units. We need your old unit back as well, otherwise a surcharge is payable.
from 408.00  
Starter Motor  
Bosch exchange units available for failed motors.
from 129.60  
Timing Case Gasket S14  
These gaskets always need changing when replacing the front crank seal. (Included in bottom set).
from 10.80  
Heater Valve  
This valve is electrically operated and water controlled.
from 120.00  
Original BMW flywheel- standard
from 222.00  
Coolant Sensor  
This sensor indicates a low coolant level or most likely a faulty sensor.
from 14.40  
Rear Diff Mount  
This is an uprated version, with a harder rubber compound and will eradicate excessive diff movement. Original mounts suffer from splits in the rubber and this version is a direct replacement.
from 28.80  
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