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Alternator Bracket S14  
This bracket is prone to failure. Soft bushes cause the alternator to twist and put pressure on the bar. Replacing these bushes with a poly upgrade will resolve this problem.
from £67.20  
“BOSCH” re-manufactured units available, complete with new voltage regulator. Other parts to consider are the mounting bushes and adjusting bar.
from £180.00  
Timing Case Oil Seal S14  
A common weakness on the timing case is this oil seal. (Included in the bottom gasket set).
from £9.60  
Electric Fan S14  
Aftermarket fan complete with ballast resistor and loom with 3 pin plug. No modification required.
from £279.05  
Rear Main Oil Seal S14  
The rear main oil seal weeps oil and its inspection is recommended when replacing your clutch or if the engine has been removed.
from £9.60  
Big Bore Brake Master  
This 25 mm larger bore cylinder allows more fluid into the system, creating a firmer pedal with less travel.
from £295.00  
Kidney and headlamp grills available for standard and M3 models.
from £18.00  
Rear Lamps  
Original manufacturer "ULO" supply these rear clusters.They are complete with gaskets to keep the moisture out and your boot dry.
from £60.66  
Wheel Bearings  
Complete front hub assembly and rear bearings by the original manufacturer. Made by Meyle...
from £24.00  
Eibach Spring Kit  
This "Pro Kit" provides a progressively firmer spring characteristic and increased spring compression- 30mm lowering from standard set up on E30 325i and 15-20mm on E30 M3.
from £170.40  
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