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Head Bolt Set  
Stretch bolts must be changed during all cylinder head work
from 13.20  
Water hoses  
Available separately or as a kit: This kit consists of 7 water hoses and includes : Top Hose, Bottom Hose, Stat to Water pump, 2 x heater hoses,
from 7.66  
Super Blue Racing Fluid  
This high performance fluid has a higher wet boiling point, which copes with the extreme demands posed by track use. ATE Blue fluid. per Litre. (200oC/ 392oF Wet boiling point).
from 20.10  
EVO Brake Air Duct Kit E30 M3  
This kit allows you to dispose of the front fogs. It includes air ducts, tubing and engine tray, and channels air efficiently to the brake system. Parts are available individually as well. Genuine bumper air .. [more]
from 57.60  
Alternator Bracket S14  
This bracket is prone to failure. Soft bushes cause the alternator to twist and put pressure on the bar. Replacing these bushes with a poly upgrade will resolve this problem.
from 67.20  
Braided Hose Kit  
Standard factory hoses can suffer from ballooning under certain track/road conditions.
from 64.80  
Front subframe  
A common fault on the E30 M3 is found on the front subframe. It tends to crack along the welds where the inner ball joints locate.
from 321.96  
H & R Spring Kit (Sport)  
H & R sport kits offer a 15 20mm lowering from standard set up.
from 162.00  
Wheel Bearings  
Complete front hub assembly and rear bearings by the original manufacturer. Made by Meyle...
from 24.00  
Big Bore Brake Master  
This 25 mm larger bore cylinder allows more fluid into the system, creating a firmer pedal with less travel.
from 210.00  
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