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Radiator Cap  
“ORIGINAL” BMW cap which is recommended to be changed with radiator. (1.4 bar)
from £8.40  
Idle Valve  
This L shaped valve, located above the throttle bodies will cause an erratic idling when faulty.
from £118.80  
Gaskets and Sealing S14  
This headset manufactured by “ELRING” includes all gaskets, o-rings and valve stem seals required for head maintenance.
from £4.80  
Wiper blades  
“BOSCH/SWF” wiper blades as original fitment to guarantee smear free wiping. These have the spoiler built in so the blade follows the profile of the screen.
from £9.60  
Stabilizer Links  
Again these links suffer from ball joint wear and tend to creak when worn.
from £7.80  
EVO III Bonnet Seal Kit  
These genuine weather seals sit between the bonnet and front wings and deflect water. Kit includes two seals and is self adhesive for simple fitting.
from £30.00  
Fan Blade  
We stock most of the blades which bolt directly to the viscous coupling.
from £24.00  
Alternator Poly Bushes E30  
Supplied as a pair, these poly bushes for the alternator ensure that you don't have to do this job every year.
from £15.60  
H & R Coilover kit S14  
Suspension height adjustment from 40mm – 70mm lowering.
from £1,174.46  
Water hoses  
Available separately or as a kit: This kit consists of 7 water hoses and includes : Top Hose, Bottom Hose, Stat to Water pump, 2 x heater hoses,
from £7.66  
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