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E38 1994-2002
E38 1994-2002
E65 & E66 2002-
E65 & E66 2002-

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E38 Chrome Styling  
We can supply either chrome or black kidney grills for the E38 7 series. Also available is an elegant chrome strip which follows the boot line precisely.
from 18.00  
E38 Micro Pollen Filter  
You should change your cabin filters at the service interval.
from 33.60  
E38 Shock Absorbers  
These suspension legs are supplied by Boge Sachs which are original equipment on the E38.
from 20.40  
E38 Steering Draglink  
We use Lemfoerder the original maufacturer for the steering components. Once these ball joints wear you get a wandering sensation from the front end.
from 11.40  
Synthetic Oil  
Always use the best quality oils to ensure optimum performace from your engine. FILLING CAPACITIES: 4 cylinder models 316i 318i 318is 318ti require 5 litres. 6 cylinder models 320i 323i 325i 328i & M3 re .. [more]
from 20.40  
E38 Brake Pads  
We use Jurid for our E38 friction program as they are original equipment.
from 7.80  
E38 Mats  
We have sourced these matsets from the same factory which manufacture them for BMW. They are tailored perfectly to fit the floorpan and they are a perfect colour match.
from 50.40  
E38 Crystal Indicators  
Why not upgrade your E38 with the latest crystal style indicators from the original manufacturer ULO. These are supplied with all bulbs and holders.
from 20.40  
Driveshaft Coupling  
The propshaft is guided by a front rubber coupling and a centre bearing. When the fail you will experience a vibration through the car. It's worse in reverse.
from 26.40  
Indicator Switch  
These indicator switches are a common failure on most models. You tend to find the switch won't return to it's original positionwhen they fail.
from 76.80  
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