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Viscous Coupling

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Viscous Coupling

Manufacturer: BEHR

E46 1998-2006:
 Online PriceQty
320i/ci 323i/ci 325i/ci/ti 328i/ci 330i/ci 86.40
330d (M57) - 200290.00
330d (M57N) from 2002 onwards93.60
320d (M47) and 320d/cd/td (M47N)90.00
M3 only86.40
E39 1994-2002:
 Online PriceQty
520i 523i 528i up to 09/1998 (4 Bolt fixing)62.40
520i 523i 525i 528i 530i from 09/1998 (3 Bolt fixing)81.60
520d 525d 530d90.00
X5 2000-2006:
 Online PriceQty
3.0i petrol 81.60
3.0d (M57) up to 2002 90.00
3.0d (M57N) from 2002 93.60
E36 1991-1999:
 Online PriceQty
M3 3.0 & 3.281.60
3i6i 318i/ti 320i 323i 325i 328i (4 Bolt) BEHR 1152172391967.20
Z3 1994-2002:
 Online PriceQty
2.0 2.2i 2.8 3.0i & Z3 M (S50) 81.60

This viscous fan clutch is available for all 6 cylinder models. These couplings lose their tension over time and do not lock in at cooling temperature. The guage commonly rises above the critical point.


Ref: C3B1347 /


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