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Black Grill Kit

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Black Grill Kit

Manufacturer: Unbranded


E46 1998-2006:
 Online PriceQty
Saloon & Touring up to 09/2001 36.00
Saloon & Touring from 09/2001 onwards 36.00
Compact only 36.00
Coupe & Convertible from 03/2003 onwards except M3 36.00Currently unavailable
Coupe & Convertible up to 03/2003 only and all M3 from 2000-200645.60
E90 E91 2004-:
 Online PriceQty
All models - 2008 (Pre-facelift) 54.00
All models 2008-2011 (Facelift) 48.00Currently unavailable
E39 1996-2002:
 Online PriceQty
All models 36.00Currently unavailable
E60 E61 2002-:
 Online PriceQty
All models40.80Currently unavailable
E92 E93 2006-:
 Online PriceQty
All models40.80
Z3 1995-2002:
 Online PriceQty
All models36.00
E38 1994-2002:
 Online PriceQty
All models55.20Delivery expected
E30 1983-1993:
 Online PriceQty
All models36.00Currently unavailable
E87 1 Series 2003-:
 Online PriceQty
All models64.80
E82 E88 1 Series:
 Online PriceQty
All models 57.60
E85 Z4 2003-2006:
 Online PriceQty
All models36.00
E63 E64 2004- :

This item is not available for sale online. Please contact us directly for more information.

We can now offer these grill kits for most of the range. They are have a satin black finish and are fitted in the same way as the originals. These allow you to dechrome the front, while creating a more understated look.

See doc below..

Ref: C3B1794 /


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