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Cross Drilled Discs

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Cross Drilled Discs

Manufacturer: Zimmermann

E30 1984-1993:
 Online PriceQty
Front Discs 318is 320i 323i 325i (pair)£108.00
Front Discs 320is & M3 only (pair)£168.00
Rear Discs 318is 320i 323i 325i (pair)£86.40
Rear Discs M3 only (pair)£120.00
E36 1991-1999:
 Online PriceQty
Front 316i 318ti & 318i (pair)£72.00
Front 318is 320i 323i 325i 328i (pair)£98.40
Front M3 3.0 & 3.2 (pair)£168.00
Rear 318is 320i 325i (pair)£86.40
Rear 323i & 328i (pair)£115.20
Rear M3 3.0 & 3.2 (pair)£162.00
E46 1998-2006:
 Online PriceQty
Front 316i/ci 318i/ci/ti 320i/ci 323i/ci (pair)£86.40
Front 320d/td 325i/ci/ti 328i/ci (pair)£124.80
Front 330i/ci/cd (pair)£129.60
Rear 316i/ci 320d 318i/ci 320i/ci 323i/ci (pair)£72.00
Rear 320td 325i/ci 328i/ci (pair)£124.80
Rear 330i/ci 330d/cd 330xi/xd £103.20
E39 1996-2002:
 Online PriceQty
Front 535i from 03/2000 onwards (pair)£108.00
Front 520i 523i 525i/d/td/tds 528i (pair)£100.80
Front 530d up to 09/2000 (pair)£118.44
Front 530d & 530i from 09/00 onwards (pair) £108.00
Front 535i up to 09/1997 (pair)£96.00
Front 535i from 09/1997 to 03/2000 (pair)£120.00
Front 535i from 03/2000 onwards (pair)£108.00
Front 540i only up to 03/2000 (pair)£120.00
Front 540i from 03/2000 onwards (pair)£108.00
Rear 520i & 523i up to 01/1997 (pair)£79.20
Rear 520i & 523i from 01/1997 onwards (pair)£94.80
Rear 525d/td/tds 525i 528i 530i 535i & 540i (pair)£94.80
X5 2000-2006:
 Online PriceQty
Front 3.0d 3.0i & 4.4i up to 04/2000 (pair)£132.00
Front 3.0d 3.0i & 4.4i from 04/2000 (pair)£144.00
Rear 3.0d 3.0i & 4.4i (pair)£132.00
R50 Mini 2001-2006:
 Online PriceQty
Front All models (pair)£108.00
Rear All models (pair)£100.80
Z3 1995-2002:
 Online PriceQty
Front 1.9 (pair)£72.00
Front 2.0 2.2 & 2.8 (pair)£91.20
Front 3.0 only (pair)£91.20
Front S50 & S54 (pair)£168.00
Rear S50 & S54 only (pair)£162.00

A cross-drilled version is also available from “ZIMMERMANN”. We recommend these for normal road or light track use as they improve braking efficiency.(Priced as a pair)


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