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Oil Level Sensor

Oil Level Sensor

Manufacturer: HELLA/ULO

Price: 64.80   

E36 1991-1999:
 Online PriceQty
1.9 only90.00
M3 3.2 only120.00
E46 1998-2006:
 Online PriceQty
All models75.00
E39 1996-2002:
 Online PriceQty
520d 520i 523i 525d 525i 528i 530d 530i and M575.00
535i 540i only120.00
E60 E61 2002-:
 Online PriceQty
520i 525d 525i 530d 530i 535d90.00
X5 2000-2007:
 Online PriceQty
3.0d (M57) 3.0i 4.4i (M62) and 4.6is75.00
Z3 1996-2002:
 Online PriceQty
1.9 2.0 2.2i 2.8 and ZM S54 engine (Not ZM S50 engine)90.00
ZM S50 only 120.00
Z4 2002-2007:
 Online PriceQty
All models90.00
E87 1 SERIES 2002-2007:
 Online PriceQty
118d 120d only90.00
E38 1994-2002:
 Online PriceQty
735i 740i 750i 90.00
730i/il 740i/il 750i/il120.00
X3 2003-:
 Online PriceQty
2.0d 2.5i 3.0d 3.0i 90.00
E65 E66 2002-:
 Online PriceQty
730d 740d90.00
E38 7 Series 1994-2002:

A faulty level sensor will keep the warning light on after the ignition has been switched on. These are sourced from the oe manufacturer which is Hella.


Ref: C3B1795 /


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