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Polyurethane Bushes

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Polyurethane Bushes

Manufacturer: POWERFLEX

 Online PriceQty
Front Wishbone Kit56.80
Front Roll Bar Kit35.90
Rear Roll Bar Kit27.60
Steering Rack Mounting17.95
Upper Engine Support Bracket Small 17.95
Upper Engine Support Bracket Large 20.72
Lower Engine Support Bracket Small 17.95
Lower Engine Support Bracket Large 38.34
Gear Box Mount20.72
Rear Control Arm Bush Kit (Set of 8)188.00
Rear Trailing Arm Kit Front Kit80.28
Rear Trailing Arm Bush Rear Kit81.48

Polyurethane bushes are designed (especially at the rear) to alter geometry and introduce understeer as the amount of wheel travel increases. i.e the harder you drive the car the more it will understeer. They reduce the steering effect of the bushes as the load is increased on each wheel. This creates predictable handling as the car approaches the limits of grip and wheel travel. Furthermore, reducing the movement of engine and gearbox helps to improve torque steer (less driveshaft angle change and makes exhausts leass prone to failure due to reduced flexing.


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