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Driveshaft Coupling

Driveshaft Coupling

Manufacturer: FEBI/LMI

E34 1988-1995:
 Online PriceQty
Gearbox Coupling 518i 520i 32.40
Gearbox Coupling 525i 525ix 525td/tds 530i 535i40.80
Gearbox Coupling 540i46.80
Gearbox Coupling M5 3.6 & 3.8 only49.20
Centre Bearing All models26.40
E31 1991-1999:
 Online PriceQty
Gearbox Coupling 840i 840ci 46.80
Gearbox Coupling 850ci 74.40
Gearbox Coupling 850csi 78.00
Centre Bearing All models46.80
E24 1977-1989:
 Online PriceQty
Centre Bearing All models28.80
Gearbox Coupling All models40.80
E38 1994-2002:
 Online PriceQty
Gearbox Coupling 728i 730i 735i 40.80
Gearbox Coupling 740i 750i 46.80
Centre Bearing All models33.60

The propshaft is guided by a front rubber coupling and a centre bearing. When the fail you will experience a vibration through the car. It's worse in reverse.


Ref: C3B1908 /


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