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H & R Roll Bar Kits

H & R Roll Bar Kits

Manufacturer: H & R

E30 1984-1992:
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All models including M3 (Front 22mm Rear 18mm)336.00
E36 1991-1999:
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All Compact models (Front 28mm 19mm Rear)318.00
All Saloon, Coupe, Convertible and Touring models except M3 (Front 28mm 21mm Rear)318.00
M3 Coupe & Convertible only (Front 28mm Rear 24mm) 350.40
E46 1998-2006:
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All models except M3 (Front 27mm Rear 21mm)340.80
M3 only (Front 30mm Rear 25mm)444.00
E90 2005-:
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All models (Front 27mm 20mm Rear)340.80
E60 2002-:
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All models (Front 27mm 19mm Rear)386.40
Z3 1996-2002:
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All except except ZM Coupe/Roadster (Front 28mm 19mm Rear)334.80
ZM Coupe/ Roadster S50 and S54 models only (Front 28mm Rear 19mm)352.80
Z4 2002-2007:
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All models (Front 27mm 21mm Rear)374.40
E81 E82 E87 E88 2004-2012:
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All models (Front 27mm 20mm Rear)357.60
R53 2000-2007:
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All models (Front 27mm 18mm Rear)318.00
E63 E64 6 Series 2004-2010 :
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All models386.40

In addition to the Sport range of spring kits, these roll bars enable you to fine tune the car's handling characteristics. They reduce body roll during fast changes of direction and impact the under/oversteer tendency positively.


Ref: C3B1764 /


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