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Blower Motor  
BMW use Behr for their blower motors.
from 57.60  
Water Pump E46  
A full range of pumps are available for the E46 range. Meyle pumps have an aluminium impeller Kolben Schmidt have a steel impeller.
from 30.00  
Expansion Tank  
These expansion tanks are made by Behr or Meyle and are excellent quality.
from 24.00  
Thermostat E46  
BMW thermostats for the E46, complete with housing and all seals. Some stats include temperature switch as well. Made by either Behr/Wahler or Febi.
from 36.00  
Coolant (1.5 ltr)  
Replacement of anti-freeze during any maintenance of the coolant system is advisable.
from 7.80  
Water Pump Pulley  
We offer these pulleys from stock.
from 17.40  
Radiator E46 (BEHR)  
BMW use "BEHR" as their first choice for radiators and we are able to offer you these from the shelf at a competitive price.
from 114.00  
Radiator Cap  
This 2 bar radiator cap is complete with o rings and we recommend you change with radiator.
from 8.40  
Fan Blade  
We stock most of the blades which bolt directly to the viscous coupling.
from 24.00  
Electric Fan E46 E39  
These genuine BMW assemblies include motor and fan housing.
from 27.60  
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