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Leather (Knappa)  
We can offer you a full range of gear knobs to complement your car. The classic M Tek knob, trimmed in soft knappa leather ia available in 5 or 6 speed.
from 51.00  
Matt Chrome/Leather  
Titanium and half leather knob with the M tek badge centred in the shifter pattern - Push fit. Available in 5 or 6 speed.
from 57.60  
Polished Chrome/Leather  
Polished chrome and half leather knob for all manual models and M tek badge in the centre of the shifter. Simple push fit .
from 71.46  
Polished Aluminium  
A beautiful aluminium gear knob available with black ring and 5 speed shifter- All manual models.
from 52.80  
Matt Chrome Automatic  
This lever is finished in a matt satin chrome for the automatic.
from 78.30  
E36 Gaiter (Leather)  
Genuine BMW gaiter trimmed in soft knappa leather. (Compact is different)
from 43.20  
Gear Lever M Emblem  
We can offer these M badges for 5 and 6 speed shifters.
from 7.68  
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