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Water Pump  
We can offer a genuine pump from BMW or a cheaper alternative which is made by Meyle and of excellent quality. Both supplied with sealing gasket.
from £36.00  
V Belts  
Check for cracks/splits between teeth and change accordingly. Alternator, power steering and air conditioning belts all from stock.
from £4.50  
Expansion Tank  
These expansion tanks are made by Behr or Meyle and are excellent quality.
from £24.00  
We supply a full range of thermostats for the E30 range. The M10 and S14 engine uses a steel housing and internal thermostat, while we supply a separate stat an o ring for the 6cylinder engine. The oem brand fo .. [more]
from £14.40  
Coolant (1.5 ltr)  
Replacement of anti-freeze during any maintenance of the coolant system is advisable.
from £7.80  
Fan Switch S14  
There are two types of fan switch on the E30 M3. For cars manufactured up to ’87, it is located in the radiator. For later cars, the switch screws directly into the thermostat.
from £12.00  
Radiator E30  
Our radiators are sourced from a reputable supplier and conform to the highest standards.
from £120.00  
Fan Blade  
We stock most of the blades which bolt directly to the viscous coupling.
from £24.00  
Radiator Cap  
“ORIGINAL” BMW cap which is recommended to be changed with radiator. (1.4 bar)
from £8.40  
Water hoses  
Available separately or as a kit: This kit consists of 7 water hoses and includes : Top Hose, Bottom Hose, Stat to Water pump, 2 x heater hoses,
from £7.66  
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