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Synchro Ring E30 M3 (S14)  
These Synchro rings are suitable for the E30 M3 and E28 5 series and E24 6 Series.. Made by the original supplier Getrag
from 148.00  
Group N Diff Shim Kit  
Group N LSD 40% shim kit for the E30 M3. These increase the LSD from 25-40% slip.
from 304.80  
Finned Diff Kit S14  
This upgrade will increase the life expectancy of your differential.The finned design allows air to be channelled around the base of the cover, lowering the fluid temperature. Complete with gasket and bolt kit .. [more]
from 300.00  
Rear Diff Mount  
This is an uprated version, with a harder rubber compound and will eradicate excessive diff movement. Original mounts suffer from splits in the rubber and this version is a direct replacement.
from 28.80  
Gear Box Mountings  
These mountings are under most load during hard acceleration.They soften and collapse and should be replaced quickly.
from 7.20  
Propshaft Centre Bearing  
This centre bearing is complete with carrier and is normally replaced with the gearbox coupling.Symptons include prop vibration.
from 26.40  
Propshaft Coupling  
Located on the rear of the gearbox, this rubber coupling is a solid disc with metal sleeves. Commonly they suffer from torsional cracks/ splits in between the bolt holes and should be replaced accordingly.
from 26.40  
Flywheel Evo 3  
As fitted to all Evo models, this original BMW flywheel weighs in at 5.3 kgs as opposed to 7.85 kgs for the standard version.
from 558.00  
Original BMW flywheel- standard
from 222.00  
Clutch Master Cylinder  
The master is located on the back of the pedal.Symptons of this are a damp footwell and a soft sponge-like pedal. Change the elbow and fluid at the same time.
from 50.40  
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