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Will Skewes Order  
Hi Will Here is the link for the E30 parts we have been talking about.. Thanks Simon
from £623.58  
Timing Chain S14  
Double row timing chain available for the S14.
from £62.40  
Tensioner S14  
Standard spring-loaded tensioner or E36 hydraulic version to improve chain tensioning on engine start-up.
from £66.00  
All sprockets tend to wear in conjunction with the chain. Cam sprockets require 2 lock plates priced at £2.94 each.
from £4.26  
Tensioner Pads S14  
These pads are linked to chain and sprocket wear. Check pad surface for wear.
from £156.00  
Guide Rails S14  
Check the plastic surface for excessive wear.
from £17.12  
Gaskets and Sealing S14  
This headset manufactured by “ELRING” includes all gaskets, o-rings and valve stem seals required for head maintenance.
from £4.80  
Head Bolt Set  
Stretch bolts must be changed during all cylinder head work
from £13.20  
Timing Case Oil Seal S14  
A common weakness on the timing case is this oil seal. (Included in the bottom gasket set).
from £9.60  
Rear Main Oil Seal S14  
The rear main oil seal weeps oil and its inspection is recommended when replacing your clutch or if the engine has been removed.
from £9.60  
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