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Our filters are sourced from the original manufacturer “MANN/KNECHT”.
from £3.90  
V Belts  
Check for cracks/splits between teeth and change accordingly. Alternator, power steering and air conditioning belts all from stock.
from £4.50  
Synthetic Oil 5/40  
5 Litres : 5/40 grade, fully synthetic oil to ensure optimum performance from the S14 engine.
from £16.80  
Coolant (1.5 ltr)  
Replacement of anti-freeze during any maintenance of the coolant system is advisable.
from £7.80  
Spark plugs  
Your inspection should include the replacement of the spark plugs. This will reduce emissions, improve fuel economy and ignition starting-priced individually. The Iridium plug is a new generation of perf .. [more]
from £6.72  
Service Tool  
This tool allows you to cancel both oil and inspection lamps during service intervals.
from £26.40  
Wiper blades  
“BOSCH/SWF” wiper blades as original fitment to guarantee smear free wiping. These have the spoiler built in so the blade follows the profile of the screen.
from £9.60  
Brake/Clutch Fluid  
DOT 4 brake fluid used for all brake and clutch reservoirs.
from £5.40  
Automatic transmission fluid available for all models. Also used in power steering systems. Supplied in 1 ltr containers
from £6.00  
500ml. Concentrated fluid for the effective cleaning of windscreens and headlight lenses.
from £4.08  
Spare Bulb Kit  
These handy kits ensure that you have a full range of bulbs should you ever get into a fix home or away. Supplied in a hard case, they can be stored safely in the boot or glovebox. Xenon headlamp bulb is not .. [more]
from £16.20  
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