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Distributor Cap  
Original “BOSCH” caps available to optimise starting performance and ignition reliability.
from £48.00  
Rotor Arm  
Original “BOSCH” rotors available to optimise starting performance and ignition reliability.
from £19.20  
Spark plugs  
Your inspection should include the replacement of the spark plugs. This will reduce emissions, improve fuel economy and ignition starting-priced individually. The Iridium plug is a new generation of perf .. [more]
from £6.72  
Ignition Coil  
Ensure smooth engine running and good starting performance by replacing your old coil. Manufactured by “BOSCH”.
from £45.60  
Ignition Lead Set  
Consists of high tension lead set, including coil lead and dust cap, housed in the heat resistant tubing.
from £76.80  
Alternator Poly Bushes E30  
Supplied as a pair, these poly bushes for the alternator ensure that you don't have to do this job every year.
from £15.60  
Alternator Bracket S14  
This bracket is prone to failure. Soft bushes cause the alternator to twist and put pressure on the bar. Replacing these bushes with a poly upgrade will resolve this problem.
from £67.20  
“BOSCH” re-manufactured units available, complete with new voltage regulator. Other parts to consider are the mounting bushes and adjusting bar.
from £180.00  
Starter Motor  
Bosch exchange units available for failed motors.
from £129.60  
Brake Light Switch  
Located on the back of the pedal, this switch is a common failure resulting in brake light failure.
from £5.40  
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