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Uprated Mountings  
These uprated mountings offer a good alternative to the standard factory bushes which commonly fail. They have a toughened rubber compound and will last much longer. Also if your car is lowered you may suff .. [more]
from £12.00  
Shock absorbers : Standard  
“ORIGINAL” BMW units are available for the E30 M3. These replacements will restore the factory comfort and handling.
from £38.60  
Shock absorbers : Bilstein  
C3 are able to offer these B6 sport dampers as a primary upgrade for standard suspension. These shocks will optimise road handling, increase traction stability and damping power. Also for the E46 M3 we can s .. [more]
from £102.00  
Strut Mountings : Standard  
Front strut mountings include a bearing as an integral part.
from £9.60  
Camber Correction Strut Mounting Eibach  
New to the E30 are these camber correction strut mountings from Eibach. They are ideal for track use as they give +/- 3 degrees of camber adjustment. You can change camber/castor without removing the wheels. .. [more]
from £354.00  
Apex Lowering Spring Kits  
These lowering kits from Apex are progressive in nature so they don't simply lower the car visually. They stiffen under load, particularly when the car is driven under extreme conditions. For M Tek models you s .. [more]
from £100.80  
Camber Correction Strut Mounting Genuine BMW  
Front offset topmounts to correct negative camber.
from £15.54  
H & R Coilover kit S14  
Suspension height adjustment from 40mm – 70mm lowering.
from £1,174.46  
H & R Spring Kit (Sport)  
“H & R” sport kits offer a 15 –20mm lowering from standard set up.
from £162.00  
Eibach Spring Kit  
This "Pro Kit" provides a progressively firmer spring characteristic and increased spring compression- 30mm lowering from standard set up on E30 325i and 15-20mm on E30 M3.
from £170.40  
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