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E38 Shock Absorbers  
These suspension legs are supplied by Boge Sachs which are original equipment on the E38.
from 20.40  
E38 Front Wishbone  
We source these suspension arms from the OE manufacturer Lemfoerder. They are supplied with the void bush and ball joint. There failure results in a front to back wheel movement and tyre wear. They also tend to .. [more]
from 82.80  
Apex Lowering Spring Kits  
These lowering kits from Apex are progressive in nature so they don't simply lower the car visually. They stiffen under load, particularly when the car is driven under extreme conditions. For M Tek models you s .. [more]
from 100.80  
E38 Spring Kit  
We can offer Eibach and H&R for the E38 lowering kits. They will lower the centre of gravity reducing body roll in corners and excessive nose dive under braking. The Prokit ensures a lowering of 30mm front and .. [more]
from 198.00  
E38 Rear Suspension  
These rear suspension arms and ball joints are supllied by the OE manufacturer Lemfoerder. Their failure causes wheel movement and creaking noises when the joints have worn.
from 18.00  
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