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Lower wishbone : Steel  
These steel arms were fitted to models up to 9/88. Include inner and outer ball joints but not the rear carrier bush. Lemfoerder arms are oe equipment, the Meyle ones are aftermarket but excellent quality.
from £50.40  
Lower wishbone : Alloy S14  
These aluminium wishbones were fitted to the EVO models and limited editions, normally standard on later 9/88 onwards models.
from £318.00  
Lower Wishbone Bush Kit  
Supplied as a pair, these solid offset wishbone bushes often suffer stress fractures and their replacement will maximise tyre life and braking stability.
from £12.00  
Tie Rods  
From the original manufacturer “LMI”, these tie rods suffer excessive wear on the ball/knuckle joints and will need replacing.
from £4.80  
Stabilizer Links  
Again these links suffer from ball joint wear and tend to creak when worn.
from £7.80  
Front subframe  
A common fault on the E30 M3 is found on the front subframe. It tends to crack along the welds where the inner ball joints locate.
from £321.96  
Wheel Bearings  
Complete front hub assembly and rear bearings by the original manufacturer. Made by Meyle...
from £24.00  
Anti Roll Bar Rubber E30  
These support rubbers soften and collapse over time. They can be replaced with these 19mm on the front and 14.5mm for the rear.
from £12.00  
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