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EVO II Chin Spoiler  
Evolution models were characterised by certain differences. The front bumper received a chin spoiler to help down force and traction.
from £290.40  
EVO III Front Splitter  
Evo Sport's received an additional splitter.
from £120.00  
Rear Spoiler S14  
Standard factory rear spoiler – original BMW
from £426.26  
EVO III Rear Spoiler  
Unique to the “EVO” models, this spoiler has an extra plane as an integral part of the spoiler.
from £1,368.00  
Bumper Tape Kits  
Available in red or black, for front and rear bumpers. Suitable for all E30 M3's.
from £25.54  
EVO III Bonnet Seal Kit  
These genuine weather seals sit between the bonnet and front wings and deflect water. Kit includes two seals and is self adhesive for simple fitting.
from £30.00  
EVO Brake Air Duct Kit E30 M3  
This kit allows you to dispose of the front fogs. It includes air ducts, tubing and engine tray, and channels air efficiently to the brake system. Parts are available individually as well. Genuine bumper air .. [more]
from £57.60  
Kidney and headlamp grills available for standard and M3 models.
from £18.00  
Evo 2 & Cecotto Rear Spoiler  
This genuine rear wing was fitted to the Evo 2 and Cecotto models.
from £219.60  
Sill Protectors S14  
EVO kick plates available with the M decal. Priced individually.
from £90.00  
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