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Fuel Pump  
“PIERBURG/BOSCH” fuel pumps available for the S14. Changing the fuel filter is recommended also.
from £93.60  
Fuel Filter S14  
Original fuel filter
from £9.60  
Pressure Regulator S14  
Pierburg unit which maintains constant pressure between the fuel supply and the intake manifold.
from £60.00  
Fuel Hose S14  
Sold in metre lengths with an internal diameter of 7mm.
from £4.80  
Fuel Relay  
4 pin relay(normally orange in colour ) Failure of this relay often causes vehicle to cut out and difficulty in re-starting until engine cools.
from £12.00  
Idle Valve  
This L shaped valve, located above the throttle bodies will cause an erratic idling when faulty.
from £118.80  
Air Flow Meter Hose  
We can supply the air bellows fro the S14 engine. Check for cracks/splits and replace accordingly.
from £36.00  
Inlet Blocks  
We supply the EVO III, with the larger ports, as a direct replacement for the standard blocks. They tend to crack across the ports, resulting in an idling problem.
from £240.00  
Air Flow Meter S14  
Bosch replacements available for faulty units. We need your old unit back as well, otherwise a surcharge is payable.
from £408.00  
Choke Switch  
This blue switch screws into the water rail and symptoms include erratic idling and an over fuelling problem.
from £15.60  
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