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Diff Seal  
Diff seals (Output)
from 19.20  
Propshaft Centre Bearing E36/Z3  
Bearing is complete with carrier.
from 28.80  
Propshaft Coupling E36/Z3  
Located on the rear of the propshaft coupling, this rubber coupling suffers torsional splits and will need replacing accordingly.
from 26.40  
Clutch Kit E36  
A full range of clutch kits for the E36. These kits from "Sachs/Luk" consist of cover, pressure plate and release bearing.
from 38.40  
Gear Box Mountings E36/Z3  
These cotton reel rubber mountings soften over time and cause the the gearbox to list to one side. Replacement of them rectifies this problem.
from 6.13  
Clutch Slave Cylinder E36/Z3  
Available for all models
from 32.40  
We can supply flywheels for the BMW range including the twin mass type.
from 22.80  
Clutch Master Cylinder E36  
Master available from stock.
from 82.80  
Clutch Hose Upgrade E36/Z3  
The E36 and Z3 do suffer from a clutch problem where the standard hose collapses and prevents you from selecting gears smoothly. On the standard rubber factory part the inner line collapses and by replacing it .. [more]
from 45.60  
Brake/Clutch Fluid  
DOT 4 brake fluid used for all brake and clutch reservoirs.
from 5.40  
Automatic transmission fluid available for all models. Also used in power steering systems. Supplied in 1 ltr containers
from 6.00  
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