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Meyle Brake Disc Zinc Coated E36  
These are the new PD range from Meyle as they are the only manufacturer supplying brake discs with a zinc coating. This prevents them from oxidising and means that you won't have the frustration of looking thro .. [more]
from 45.60  
Genuine Brake Pads  
We sell a range of genuine BMW brake pads.
from 72.00  
Genuine Brake Discs  
We supply a range of Genuine brake discs which are direct from BMW.
from 206.40  
Brake Pads E36  
C3 supply Jurid/Ate for standard pad relacement. Priced per axle set.
from 22.80  
Brake Discs E36  
Standard discs available for the complete range. Jurid are the manufacturer of these high quality replacements. (Priced as a pair)
from 36.00  
Fast Road Pads E36 & Z3  
These pads from "Pagid" feature high friction materials which ensure a higher temperature pad performance without pedal fade or brake squeal. Priced per axle set.
from 43.20  
Cross Drilled E36  
Also from Zimmermann, these discs are suitable for norman road and light track use. They are cross drilled to improve braking efficiency.
from 72.00  
Brake Pad Sensors E36  
Front and rear sensors available.
from 8.40  
Braided Hose Kit  
Standard factory hoses can suffer from ballooning under certain track/road conditions.
from 64.80  
Super Blue Racing Fluid  
This high performance fluid has a higher wet boiling point, which copes with the extreme demands posed by track use. ATE Blue fluid. per Litre. (200oC/ 392oF Wet boiling point).
from 20.10  
Calipers E36  
Front and rear calipers for the complete E36 range.
from 78.00  
Handbrake Shoes E36  
Inspection of the parking shoes should be inspected during replacement of the rear discs.
from 19.20  
ABS Sensor  
ABS sensors for the range.
from 54.00  
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