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DISA Adjuster Valve for Inlet Manifold  
Available for various engines. Made by the oe supplier VAICO...
from 174.00  
Fuel Pump E36  
These pumps from VDO are complete with sensor.
from 102.00  
Idle Valve E36  
A faulty valve often causes a pulsing, erratic idling.
from 102.00  
Fuel Filter E36  
Fuel filter for Inspection II maintenance.
from 10.80  
Air Mass Meter  
A common failure with the BMW engines is the air mass meter. Symptons are usually intermittant and include fast idling and loss of power. These Bosch units are available for most models.
from 177.60  
Fuel Level Sensor  
WE can supply the complete range of fuel level level sensors for the BMW range. You normally get a faulty reading on the guage and they consequently need replacing.
from 55.20  
Choke Switch S14  
This blue switch again screws into the water rail and symptoms can be erratic idling and an over fuelling problem.
from 13.80  
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