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Ignition Coil E34  
These coils are sorced from Bremi or Bosch and are their failure often causes a miss or rough idling.
from 33.60  
E34 Distributor Cap/Rotor Arm  
A worn distributor cap can cause poor starting or rough idling. Check the brass contact for wear.
from 14.40  
E34 Lead Set  
Lead sets available for the range.
from 78.00  
E34 Spark Plug Set  
NGK are original equipment for the spark plugs on the E34.
from 11.52  
Brake Light Switch E36  
Brake light failure is often caused by this switch, located on the back of the brake pedal.
from 5.64  
Reverse Light Switch E36  
Reverse lamp failure is normally caused by this switch.
from 7.20  
Glove Box Torch  
Often missing, this rechargeable torch, located in the glove box is available for all models.
from 16.80  
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