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Abdullah F10  
Hi Abdullah Here is the order for the part we spoke about.. Thanks Simon
from 145.25  
Air Mass Meter  
We can supply a full range of mass meters. There are individual sticks available for some of the later models which make the units more affordable than complete units.
from 102.00  
Spark Plugs E36  
Improve fuel economy, ignition starting and reduce emissions by replacing your plugs with the O.E supplier NGK. Twin electrode as standard.
from 12.00  
Distributor Cap M40  
Replacement of the cap and rotor will optimise starting performance and ignition reliability.
from 36.00  
Rotor Arm M40  
Check for pitting or scoring on the contact and replace accordingly.
from 12.00  
Lead Set E36  
We stock a full range of leadsets fro the E36 range from the o.e supplier "BERU".
from 50.40  
Coil Pack E36  
Coil packs are supplied with suppressor cap and we stock the complete range.
from 34.80  
Brake Light Switch E36  
Brake light failure is often caused by this switch, located on the back of the brake pedal.
from 5.64  
Reverse Light Switch E36  
Reverse lamp failure is normally caused by this switch.
from 7.20  
Glove Box Torch  
Often missing, this rechargeable torch, located in the glove box is available for all models.
from 16.80  
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