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Air Mass Meter  
We can supply a full range of mass meters. There are individual sticks available for some of the later models which make the units more affordable than complete units.
from 102.00  
DISA Adjuster Valve for Inlet Manifold  
Available for various engines. Made by the oe supplier VAICO...
from 174.00  
Timing Belt  
We supply these belt kits from the oe supllier LMI. The kit consists of Timing belt, tensioner and top and bottom idler wheels.
from 10.20  
Camshaft Kit M40  
The 8 valve four cylinder M40 engine has a common tendency for the hydraulic lifters to fail and associated wear with the camshaft and rocker arms to occur. This kit from "FEBI" allows the problem to be rectifi .. [more]
from 8.22  
Timing Chain M3  
C3 stock a full range of parts for the chain replacement on the 3.0 and 3.2 engines.
from 18.96  
Crank Case Valve  
We can supply these inlet breather valves for the E36/E46 and E39 models. They commonly fail, causing the car to rev slighly higher and also a light pulsing on idle. Made by german manufacturer Meyle...
from 9.60  
Head Set E36  
We source our gaskets and head sets from Elring, the original manufacturer.
from 49.20  
Cam Cover Gasket E36  
This kit includes main gasket and the centre plug seals as well.
from 5.94  
Head Bolt Set  
BMW use stretch bolts and these will need replacing.
from 12.00  
Sump Gasket E36  
Individual gasket also available.
from 8.34  
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