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Expansion Tank  
These expansion tanks are made by Behr or Meyle and are excellent quality.
from 24.00  
Coolant (1.5 ltr)  
Replacement of anti-freeze during any maintenance of the coolant system is advisable.
from 7.80  
Receiver Drier E36  
Receiver drier for the E36 3 Series. OEM BMW
from 96.00  
Water Pump Pulley  
We offer these pulleys from stock.
from 17.40  
Fan Blade  
We stock most of the blades which bolt directly to the viscous coupling.
from 24.00  
Viscous Coupling  
This viscous fan clutch is available for all 6 cylinder models. These couplings lose their tension over time and do not lock in at cooling temperature. The guage commonly rises above the critical point.
from 62.40  
Viscous Coupling E36/Z3  
A common failure on the E36 and symptons include rising engine temperature and overheating problems.
from 52.80  
Coolant Sensor E36  
THis coolant sensor is located in the bottom of the radiator or expansion tank on M models. Low coolant or a faulty sensor cause the light to stay on.
from 12.00  
Radiator Cap E36/Z3  
We recommend you change the cap with radiator. Along with the thermostat, the pressure cap is the first place to start with any overheating issues. The seals commonly perish on these caps, causing water loss.
from 8.40  
Auxillary Drive Belt E36/Z3  
While replacing the water pump, both poly belts should be inspected for cracks/splits.
from 10.80  
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