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Blower Motor  
BMW use Behr for their blower motors.
from 57.60  
Shark Fin Aerial  
This dummy version of the shark fin aerial gives you that aggressive E46 roof line.
from 16.80  
Windscreen Washer Pump  
We can supply these washer pumps for the range. Commonly when these fail you don't here the pump engage and you lose pressure to the jets.
from 3.26  
Indicator Switch  
These indicator switches are a common failure on most models. You tend to find the switch won't return to it's original positionwhen they fail.
from 76.80  
Lower Wishbone (E46)  
These alloy wishbones are supplied with inner and outer ball joints. (not available separately) There are two variants and this depends upon whether your car has the standard or sport suspension option. We reco .. [more]
from 43.20  
Wiper Motor  
These wiper motors seem to be a common failure on the compact model.
from 168.00  
Uprated Mountings  
These uprated mountings offer a good alternative to the standard factory bushes which commonly fail. They have a toughened rubber compound and will last much longer. Also if your car is lowered you may suff .. [more]
from 12.00  
K&N Air Filter  
We can now offer these filters from K&N. They retain the factory air box so no modificationss are required. There primary functions are: 1.To maximise air flow 2.They have excellent filtering capabilities 3. .. [more]
from 54.00  
E39 Window Regulator  
We can supply the front regulators for the E39 range.
from 55.20  
Black Grill Kit  
We can now offer these grill kits for most of the range. They are have a satin black finish and are fitted in the same way as the originals. These allow you to dechrome the front, while creating a more understa .. [more]
from 36.00  
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