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Meyle Brake Disc Zinc Coated E81 E82 E87 E88  
These discs are the new PD range by Meyle. They are zinc coated to stop the disc from rusting so if you have a nice set of wheels and you don't like looking at a rusty disc then these are worth considering.
from 50.40  
ABS Sensor  
We source our ABS sensors from Bosch.
from 62.40  
Brake Pads E81 E82 E87 E88  
Jurid is original equipment for the brake pads on the 1 series. You should replace the wear indicator when changing the pads.
from 31.20  
Brake Discs E87 E82 E88  
Again Jurid is the first choice for the 1 series brake discs.
from 51.60  
Brake/Clutch Fluid  
DOT 4 brake fluid used for all brake and clutch reservoirs.
from 5.40  
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