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Expansion Tank  
These expansion tanks are made by Behr or Meyle and are excellent quality.
from 24.00  
Water Pump X5  
We can supply the full range of cooling parts for the X5.
from 38.40  
Water Pump Pulley  
We offer these pulleys from stock.
from 17.40  
Thermostat X5  
We stock the full range of stats for the X5.
from 39.60  
Coolant (1.5 ltr)  
Replacement of anti-freeze during any maintenance of the coolant system is advisable.
from 7.80  
Viscous Coupling  
This viscous fan clutch is available for all 6 cylinder models. These couplings lose their tension over time and do not lock in at cooling temperature. The guage commonly rises above the critical point.
from 62.40  
Heater Resistor (Hedgehog)  
This resistor housed on the rear of the climate control unit is a common failure. Common symptoms are where the air distribution frequently cuts in or out on it's own accord. For E46, E39 and X5 it is .. [more]
from 36.00  
Expansion Tank  
These water tanks are available separately from the radiator. They have a tendency to expire after 40,000 miles and this results in rising engine temperatures.
from 36.00  
Radiator Vent Screw  
These vent screws often break when trying to bleed the system. Recommended to change when replacing the thermostat .
from 1.80  
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