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H & R Spring Kits  
H & R offer a range of springs for the BMW range. They offer progressive spring characteristics and enable you to change the ride height, while stiffening the suspension setup.
from 132.00  
H & R Roll Bar Kits  
In addition to the Sport range of spring kits, these roll bars enable you to fine tune the car's handling characteristics. They reduce body roll during fast changes of direction and impact the under/oversteer .. [more]
from 318.00  
Shock Absorbers E39  
Shock absorbers supplied for all models made by the OE supplier SACHS. We sell genuine BMW units for the M5..
from 87.58  
Eibach Spring Kits (Prokit)  
Eibach's prokit will lower the car's centre of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-diving under braking.
from 150.00  
Eibach Roll Bar Kit  
These roll bars reduce body roll through increased design stiffness over the factory roll bars. They increase handling and cornering grip in any performance-driving situation.
from 288.00  
Strut Mounting E39  
Always inspect the strut mountings while replacing the shock absorbers.
from 26.40  
Air Suspension Cell  
We can supply the rear suspension cells for the E39 and X5 now. They are manufactured to o.e specifications .Made by Arnott
from 153.60  
Apex Lowering Spring Kits  
These lowering kits from Apex are progressive in nature so they don't simply lower the car visually. They stiffen under load, particularly when the car is driven under extreme conditions. For M Tek models you s .. [more]
from 100.80  
Rear Suspension E39 & E38  
There are 3 main failures on the E39's rear suspension: (a) Upper Wishbone (b) Lower Wishbone (c) Hub Ball Joint
from 21.60  
Eibach Coil Over Kit E39 (Pro Street)  
These kits allow you to track day your car and provide you with the latest sportive edge. The technology used in these kits allow you to adjust the height of the vehicle and at the same time the performance of .. [more]
from 936.00  
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